TruSound is a range of high performance professional grade audio and speaker cables.

High-end audio installations demand accurate signal with minimal loss of quality. TruSound cables use oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors – the highest purity copper that has been refined to minimise the oxygen content to optimise performance.

The range includes the popular 16AWG, 14AWG and 12AWG OFC multicore speaker cables in both PVC or LSHF. With distinctive jacket colours, they are an ideal choice for audio distribution in either the home or commercial buildings.

The 42 & 79 strand speaker cables are a versatile solution, offering good performance at a competitive price. Multi-strand parallel (flat) speaker cables are included from 0.75mm² to 10mm² and offer fantastic signal quality.

TruSound Multicore Round OFC Speaker cables offer a highly flexible yet durable option for outside installations. For a completely weatherproof solution, the TruSound external grade speaker cable range is ideal