Home or building security systems require a clear, reliable signal transmission. It’s essential that the cable doesn’t let you down. TruSecurity is a range of cables for security systems where signal and continued functionality are vital.

Integrated security systems cover applications from burglar alarms, CCTV for video surveillance and remote access systems such as door entry and gate control.

TruSecurity cables include digital coaxes for providing power and control to pan-tilt-zoom CCTV cameras, composite door entry cables, access control cables and a large range of screened and unscreened alarm cables.

Many security installations by their nature require cables that run outdoors – perhaps to a camera, a gate or outbuilding. Water, vandalism and rodent damage are all potential problems for these critical networks.

The TruSecurity range includes many products to combat this, from tough, durable polyethylene sheaths to steel wire armoured versions for complete protection.