TruOptic is a range of high performance fibre optic cables for high speed data transfer around the home or building. It’s an ideal solution to ‘future proof’ an installation as it’s able to transfer large amounts of data over much greater bandwidths than traditional copper cabling. It’s also able to carry signal over much longer distances without signal loss.

Fibre is also unaffected by electromagnetic interference (EMI) making it ideal for data transmission in electrically ‘noisy’ environments or to run alongside power cables.

Fibre optic cables fall into two categories, singlemode (OS1 & OS2) for long distances and multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4) for more localised data distribution. Cables can be supplied with various numbers of fibres, loose tube or tight buffered construction, with or without armours.

Compared to copper data cables, fibre is relatively low cost, lightweight and has small overall diameters for the number of fibres.

The cost of terminations or connectors and the electronics at either end can push the system cost up but fibre offers incredible bandwidth and is able to carry vast amounts of error-free information over very small cables. It’s the natural choice in an increasing number of applications.

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