Control Cables

High-Quality Control Cables for
Precise Signal Management

From simple PVC flexes to high-performance robotic cables, the FSC range has them all! Large stocks of the relatively conventional YY, CY, and SY cables are held ranging from 2 to 50 core and from 0.5mm² to 35mm². These are a popular choice for many industrial and commercial installations.

Def Stans (Defence Standard) and LiYY or LiYCY are ideal where miniature conductor sizes are needed. Stocked in unscreened and screened versions they are colour coded for easy identification when terminating.

The extensive Def Stan range includes 7-1, 7-2 and 16-2; Type A unscreened, Type S foil screened, Type C braid screened, and Type D individual braid screened. Both PVC and LSHF sheath options are offered with external PE duct grade versions also available.

Where frequent movement is needed, highly flexible cables with special insulation and sheaths are required. Spiral cables are ideal for some applications whereas the HF series is specifically designed for repetitive movement through a drag chain or under guidance.

Benefits of FS Cables’ Control Cables:

  • Exceptional Signal Integrity: Our control cables are expertly designed to maintain the integrity of electrical signals, ensuring that critical data and commands are transmitted accurately and consistently. This results in smoother and more reliable control processes.
  • Diverse Configurations: We understand that different applications require different solutions. That's why our control cables come in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need flexibility, screening, external duct grade, or higher CPR classifications (Cca and Dca), we have the cable for you.
  • Reliability: These cables are engineered for consistent and dependable performance. They are built to withstand the rigors of different environments, including industrial settings, outdoor installations, and automation systems.
  • Safety: In critical applications where fire safety is important, we offer control cables are designed to meet strict safety standards. They can provide peace of mind in scenarios where safety is paramount. The Niltox range was designed specifically to provide you with an LSHF alternative to standard PVC YY cables. Many of the cables in this range have also been tested and classified to CPR Class as high as Cca.

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