Audio Visual

Audio Visual Cables
High-perfomance professional grade audio & speaker cables

Audio Visual (AV) electrical cables are a vital component of any home theatre or entertainment system. High-end sound systems, speakers and other devices demand accurate and reliable signal with minimal loss of quality.

The TruSound range of professional grade audio and speaker cables use oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors – the highest purity copper that has been refined to minimise the oxygen content, thus optimising performance.

The popular 16AWG, 14AWG and 12AWG OFC speaker cables are included in both PVC or LSHF. Weatherproof and duct grade cables required for outdoor use are also offered, along with multicore speaker cables, parallel flat speaker cables, audio cables, HA media composite cables, HDMI leads, high-speed data networking cables and more.

It's important to choose the right cables for your equipment. Consider the gauge, connectors, and length of the cables, and make sure they are compatible with your audio amplifier or receiver and your speakers. By taking the time to choose the right speaker cables, you can enjoy high-quality audio and a seamless entertainment experience.

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